The Fourth Trimester 

You’ve survived the morning sickness of the first trimester. Delighted in the first kicks, glowing skin and glossy hair of the second trimester. And waddled your way through the third trimester while trying not to piss your pants every time you cough/sneeze or move too quickly. Now imagine running an entire marathon and then stillContinue reading “The Fourth Trimester “

The Truth about Labour

So, you’ve been to all the antenatal classes and you’ve read all the books and you now think you are suitably prepared and know what to expect, right? Wrong! I’m about to tell you the honest truth of what you can expect once you go into labour. (Please note: These experiences are based on myContinue reading “The Truth about Labour”

How To Wrangle Toddlers Whilst Pregnant

“How cute would it be to have children close together in age? They will grow up being the bestest of friends!” I hear myself telling my husband as a way to justify the crippling broodiness of wanting another baby. My first pregnancy was a breeze and once my maternity leave started, it became even easierContinue reading “How To Wrangle Toddlers Whilst Pregnant”