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Wooden vs plastic…that is the question. With 3 children, finding toys that are well made and built to last has become a huge importance to our family, especially when the inevitable “He’s not sharing Mummy!” fights start happening and toys just end up getting a bit of a battering. The cheap, plastic toys just don’t survive long in our house and so recently, I’ve found myself steering more towards wooden style toys. I have always been a fan of Melissa & Doug so when Hello Baby offered us the chance to try out a couple of new toys, I jumped at the opportunity!

The first toy we decided to go for was the Melissa & Doug Construction Set which at the time of posting retails for £16.79. The set comes with 48 wooden pieces made up of various nuts, bolts, wooden bars and even a small screwdriver to allow your child to create their own inventions, The box does also contain instructions for how to make things such as a crane, a motorcycle, a plane and even a race car but you really can just let your child’s imagination run wild!

The Construction Set is easily able to provide hours of fun, creative play. Flynn loved using the various pieces to make the race car model from the instructions. All of the pieces feel very well made and vibrant in colour. The only negative criticism I do have about this toy is that the box does not come with a lid to help contain all of the pieces once you have removed the packaging, but other than that, it has been a big hit so far.

Next up is the Melissa & Doug Take-Along Town which at the time of posting retails for £25.49. The sturdy wooden case houses a selection of vehicles (a police car, ambulance, fire engine, monorail and helicopter) and scenery (a bridge, city tunnel, buildings, traffic signs and a tree) which, once unfolded, allows you to build your very own little take-along town thanks to its illustrated play surface which also has built-in road tracks. With its super convenient carry handle, this makes the ideal toy for any kind of travel or holiday.

Flynn loves absolutely anything to do with trains and cars so I instantly knew this would be a winner with him. The case and all of the pieces inside feel solid and sturdy and there’s even room to add some further small toys. Flynn also discovered that a few of his other wooden vehicles fit well with the built-in track which further extended his imaginative play with this toy. The fact that it is so portable is perfect for when we travel or visit friends and family as it gives Flynn something familiar to entertain himself with rather than complaining he is bored. This is by fave one of his favourite things to play with at the moment and with nothing negative to say about it, I give it a firm 10/10!

Both of these items are currently available to purchase from along with FREE UK SHIPPING (all prices are correct at the time of posting but may be subject to change). The website is super easy to navigate and order from with quick delivery of items. If you haven’t heard of Hello Baby before then I highly recommend you check them out!


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